This page is currently under construction as we cull and organize our myriad wonderful reviews from our myriad wonderful clients.  In the meantime, please find a number of our client testimonials on Facebook Yelp.

“My dog Dougie LOVES Dingo’s!  Everyday, he can’t wait to jump out of the car and race for the gate where he is greeted by the wonderful staff and all of his canine buddies. As the owner, Nancy is a pro, and her staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and caring.  They truly LOVE their jobs!  The facilities are clean and spacious, and I appreciate how flexible they are.  Their hours are convenient and having the Dingo’s bus is a godsent – Dougie loves it when he gets to ride the bus home from “school”!  I have enthusiastically recommended Dingo’s to friends and colleagues. Their customer service is top-notch – whether replying quickly to an owner’s question, or thoughtfully acclimating a new buddy to the pack, you can count on them and know that your pup is one happy camper every day they are at Dingo’s!” Laura (& Dougie)

“We love Dingo’s. Our dog, Emmie, has been going to Dingo’s Doggie Daycare and we have used occasional boarding for the last 4 years. The care and service is excellent. Emmie is a rescue dog. They worked with us and with her patiently to get her properly socialized. Emmie does her happy dance when the purple bus arrives for pickup. We highly recommend Dingo’s.” Ellen and Art (and Emmie)

“I have sent my fur baby Sydney to few different daycares in the past . Having also worked at a few dog daycares myself, I know my pup can be anxious without me there with her. Before I even pull into the dingo’s parking lot she is already barking to announce her arrival.  We are always greeted with happy staff that know her and can’t wait to see her . She doesn’t even look back at me to say bye she is so happy to see her friends (fur and human). She is always happy and tired when I pick her up and sometimes she doesn’t even WANT to go home lol . This makes me so happy that not only is she having fun while I’m at my boring office job , but she is also being loved and spoiled at dingo’s.  I trust very few people with my Sydney and couldn’t be more at ease leaving her in the care of dingo’s. Thank you dingo’s for accepting Sydney into your loving pack!” Janine (& Sydney)


“Our dog, Charlie, loves Dingo’s Dogistting and so do we! They treat Charlie so well and are conscious of his unique personality. They are also patient with his puppy ways! We appreciate the texts that we get with updates about Charlie and the emails outlining his progress in day care. Thank you Dingo’s!” Melanie G.


“We couldn’t be happier with Dingo’s! The play space is great and the staff really get to know your pup. Cooper gets so excited every time he pulls into the parking lot and is (thankfully) exhausted from all the play and interaction during the day! Thanks to Nancy, Dingo, and all of the staff for taking such great care of our pup and welcoming him to the pack!” Stephen (and Cooper)


“My dog can’t wait to get out of the car every morning when she gets there! She loves it there!” Deb (and Demi)


“My dog is not only the only creature happy to see me every day but he feels the same about Dingos. He knows the days he goes and the time we leave . He is bouncing off the floor to go and pulls me to the door to get into the daycare. He is over 100lbs so that is a lot of energy. He is spoiled when we go away and he stays the weekend at the daycare. They inform me of any health issues they may see and care for him as if he was their own . I wouldn’t trust anyone else. It is clear that all the dogs seem happy and safe since the size and breeds who attend are so different yet all get along. It’s our third daycare and he was scared and withdrawn at the other two.” DP (& Gunnar)


“My dog loves this place! My dog, Mabel, is a rescue and was very shy of other people and other dogs. When she first started going to Dingo’s, she was very hesitant. By her third visit, she was pulling on her leash and scratching at the gate to get in with the other dogs! I am so grateful to everyone at Dingo’s for providing a fun and safe space for her and all the other dogs. Everyone is very nice and I love seeing the updates and photos throughout the day. I would recommend Dingo’s to anyone!”-Lia (and Mabel)

haley and nelly

“I have a beagle- she is not the most well trained dog if you know what I mean! My dog will eat anything in sight. #dingosdogsitting treats my dog as if she is the best dog out there. They are reliable, trustworthy and educated. I truly can’t say enough about the love and level of care that Nancy and her staff give to all dogs. (Even mine) thank you Dingo’s Dog Sitting! I don’t know what I would do without ya!” Haley P. South Boston, MA

A tired and happy pup! Beth W.


“Today was my first day bringing Snappy to Dingo’s Dogsitting, and it was a great experience.

I have a 1 year old beagle and she is a ball of energy, as we speak she is resting peacefully, pooped from her day of fun. From start to finish, Nancy and her staff were courteous, polite and efficient. The sign up process was easy and made me feel safe, forms to sign regarding Snappy’s vaccination history with emergency contacts and they even keep the Vet information in case of emergency also.

Bringing in Snappy today and checking out the facility, it was perfect for a dog. I just knew Snappy would love it, a sign in area so you don’t enter amongst the dogs running around, a smaller sectioned off area where the dogs can have some alone time or where you can let them off the leash to get adjusted, then the big room where there is plenty of space for the dogs to run and play. All around the main bay are couches, a bed, comfy platforms, even a tv. All of which seem rugged and perfect for dogs to run around with.

I picked up Snappy today, but Nancy’s manager Nicole (very friendly) told me she does pick ups and drop offs in surrounding cities. She also was extremely knowledgeable and had a story about each dog in her care, so you know she pays close attention. That was huge. So far, from what i’ve seen… This facility is a definite 5 star daycare for me, i couldn’t be happier.” Joe C. Nahant

I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you and Dingo’s for everything over the last year for Millie. She was boarded a few weekends ago at Dingo’s with Jenn and I was a bit nervous, Millie is pretty attached to me and sometimes seems stressed in new situations. I worried she might freak out, and she did so awesome! It is really obvious seeing the staff when I drop off or pick up Millie how much they all love the dogs and their job. I just had to send a big THANK YOU to you and Dingo’s. Allison (& Millie)

“We could not be happier with Nancy (and the entire Dingo’s team). Our beagle mix, Pancakes, is a 9.5 month old puppy – with puppy energy. She loves her days at Dingo’s so much that we hear her get excited as the car pulls into the parking lot.

Pancakes comes home exhausted and happy each and every day – and the pictures we see of her while we’re at work show that she’s having a blast during playtime (and nap time, when she decides to snooze). The added convenience of afternoon drop-offs make our lives so much easier while working full time.

We (Pancakes included) love Dingo’s so much – thank you guys so much for everything you do!” Meredith (and Pancakes)

“We’ve been having our dog go to daycare at Dingos for over a year now and have been very happy with it. The team there is friendly, responsive, and professional. Our dog comes home tired every day (which is a good thing) and we’ve been very happy with the pick-up/drop-off service.

Finding a Dog Daycare service north of Boston is challenging, there aren’t many options, and we’ve had poor experiences with others, but as soon as we saw the Dingos purple school-bus drive by one day we knew we found our place.”

We can’t recommend these guys enough!”

Justin (and Franklin)

“I can’t say enough good things about Dingo! This facility was recommended by a fellow dog owner in our training class. I was nervous about bringing Tessa to “school” to be with other, bigger dogs. She is slight built, full of energy and shy around people and dogs. She is only 1 yrs old and I wanted to be sure she felt confident with others and that her timidness would not someday become aggression. Nancy and her staff could not be more knowledgable and helpful. When the Dingo van was full one day, Nancy came to my home herself for pick up which was very appreciated. I especially love the photos during the day to see how Tessa is doing……always looks happy, tail straight up which is a sure sign she is comfortable! Wednesdays are Tessas’ favorite days knowing she will be able to play and run all day and she comes home happy and exhausted! The facility is spacious, clean and there are 2 outside play areas. I think Tessa will be playing at Dingo for many years!! 🙂 :)” Happy N.S. Dog Mom

“I love Dingo’s (and if Bailey could talk, I am sure she would say she loves Dingo’s as well!) I seriously can not say enough good things about them! We brought our crazy, super energetic and high anxiety 3 year old beagle hound mix to Dingo’s for a week long board, and she received the best care and so much love! Sean and Jenn both watched her during here stay, and they were absolutely amazing! They texted us pictures and updates every day, which we loved! Bailey is a lot to handle, and we have such a hard time leaving her because we feel like she is too much for anyone to care for, but Jenn and Sean made us feel so much better! They snuggled her, played with her and gave her just as much love as she would get at home, and their daily updates and pictures really put us at ease. They do their best to keep on the dogs routine and schedule so she feels right at home. Bailey has also gone here for daycare a few times and loves it. The staff is so caring and they update you if they notice anything different or off about your dog. I feel so comfortable leaving our crazy Bailey with them, and she always comes home exhausted from playing all day. the next morning, she runs to the door hoping she is going back to Dingo’s. I will 100% continue to use Dingo’s for boarding and daycare, and would like to give a huge thank you to Sean and Jenn for making our Bailey so comfortable while we were away and for doing such an amazing job caring for her!”-Paige (and Bailey)


“Friendly and attentive staff who really love and care for dogs. Our dog gets out lots of energy and we get text and photo updates regularly from daycare and boarding. We’re always kept up to date and we always feel like she’s in good hands.” Webster (and Willow)


“Dingo’s is the BEST! We starting sending our rescue there when she was just 6 months old, and she has been loving it ever since. It’s to the point where she gets super excited when we turn into the parking spots at Dingo’s and just can’t wait to get out of the car. The staff is wonderfully kind and fantastic with all of the dogs (I don’t know how they do it!). They care about their clients – and just to put in perspective – on our pup’s first day they sent us pictures and videos of how she was doing. 10/10. Couldn’t recommend them any better and we’re very happy that we found a place to send our pup for the years to come.” Claudia (and Luna)


“Roxy was levitating with excitement when she saw the bus this morning. It’s going to be a problem on Fridays when they come for Summer!” Kerri, Marblehead, MA

dingos dogsitting daycare beverly ma

“Oakley could not be happier to go to Dingo’s Dogsitting. The owner and staff of Dingo’s treat Oakley as if she were their own beloved pet. Oakley is so well looked after and they are so accommodating, picking Oakley up and dropping her off if I can’t. I am so happy to have found Dingo’s Dogsitting and would highly recommend them to anyone.” -Heidi, Boston, MA

“Everyone who works there loves what they do. They’re all friendly and kind. Dingo’s is so clean and they’re indoor and outdoor spaces are great! My 6 month old lab absolutely loves it there” Barbara S.


“Zoey has been going to Dingo’s Dogsitting for 3 months and loves it. Not only does she know when you are coming down the hill that daycare is on the way and start wagging her tail, but she almost pulls our arm out of the socket because she is so excited to get to the door and see all her friends.

Nancy has been fantastic at sending many pictures to us throughout the day to know how Zoey is doing and who she is playing with. Its nice to be kept up to date throughout the day on how much fun she is having.

Every time we pick Zoey up from Dingo’s she is wiped out and sleeps from 6pm to 8am (she usually gets up at 6:30am). It is fantastic that she gets all her energy out during the day playing with her friends to just relax at night and let us sleep in a little the next morning.” Leah H. Salem, MA